Chat component?

I want to put a chat function in my app, yet didn’t find any option to make it possible. Do you have anything in mind how I could manage that?

There’s no packaged chat component yet (going to do that with upcoming composite components v2, which enables a lot more robust functionality to be packaged into components), unfortunately, so you’ll have to build it yourself.

We’ve implemented chat for a few customer projects so it’s definitely possible. You need a sensible data schema, and then you just repeat the messages record collection. You can easily do things like showing the chat bubble on the right side of the screen if the created_by user ID of the message matches the current user ID, and left side otherwise with style formulas. You can get quite far with just AGDB, but things like push notifications would currently require a custom backend.

I’ve put a chat tutorial on our video backlog, I’ll see when we can get there!

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@Harri_Sarsa, where can I find that tutorial and video backlog? I am very interested on building a chat app as well. Thanks!

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