Chat function with page parameters

Hello! I’m trying to create a chat function where two users can text each other in real time. In my app, I have a page where users can post kind of “delivery orders”, but to confrim this, I wanted to have a button that would lead to a chat beteween the user that posted the order and the user that clicked on the button to help. The part of navigating to the page would be esay, however, I need help to creat this real-time chat and to stabilsh the chat between the two users. How could I do it?

That article covers it in detail.

Another option is to have a collection in firebase for a chat that is created, then each document os made when users post and the document holds the chat and username. Then you repeat this on ths page.

Thank you so much for sending me this article!
But do you know how I can link the user that just signed up’s UID with the database document?

There are a few options. I actually just finished a video on how to make a chat app here:

THANK YOU!! that’s gonna help a lot