Chat GPT API stream response


I integrated with the ChatGPT API and have successfully got it working, with a questions bar. There is a function on this API called “stream” which provides the data as a stream of text so it looks like someone is typing. Currently I have this set to false as I could not think of a way to get it to work. Using the built in appgyver API call doesn’t seem to support streaming as the response from the the API is getting parsed to a page variable in one chunk.

Does anyone have any ideas on ways this could be achieved?

The definition of the functionality is as follows:




Defaults to false

Whether to stream back partial progress. If set, tokens will be sent as data-only [server-sent events] as they become available, with the stream terminated by a data: [DONE] message.

I was thinking about maybe using the Java Script function but I am not that good at Java script. I have found the following website which details how to call the API but not sure from an Appgyver perspective how this should be architect-ed?

I have got it working using the HTML call function from marketplace but again couldn’t get the response to build.

Happy to respond to any questions - just putting it out there as a nice to have/conversational topic.

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Maybe ask chatGPT to write the function for you.
It can do it perfectly well, I’ve managed to substitute a firestore cloud function (count) with a JS function 100% written by chatGPT, yet I know 0% of the language.