Chat Integration

Hello, we are trying to integrate user chat within our application. I saw on another post that you have integrated chat in to other client apps before. We are wondering specifically about a couple of things:

  • How would you suggest configuring the app to “subscribe” for incoming chat messages?
  • Is there a particular back-end you would recommend? We have looked at Backendless.

Any guidance would be helpful.

Hi! Sorry for the delayed answer, I’ll try to give you something to go on at least –

  1. Push notifications would be my go-to, tutorial here. Note that there is a bug with the events fired by push notifications at the moment, but the push notifications themselves should work.
  2. Backendless would be our best bet as well. See here.

@Mevi : This article says that for real time data, you need to integrate Backendless SDK. Is that possible?

Hmm, no. SDK’s are available when third party plugins are available.