Check if data already exists in Firebase

Hi all,

I am hitting a wall on something which I am sure is easy…

I have a button that can add data to Firebase.
What is bugging me is the following:
I would like to be able to check if the data entered in one input field already exists in Firebase.

For this: I have the following:
InputField1 for NomChantier for which the value is set to pagevars.NomChantier
Button Create with logic flow as follows:

  • Get Data Collection with filter condition:
    • Object with properties: - Property: NomChantier
      - Condition type: equals
      - Compared value: Page variable NomChantier

Then on the 1st output i have an alert node that should display Page variable NomChantier only if the value was found in Firebase.
But it displays the value everytime…

Hopefully it is not too confusing…