Checkbox does not show label

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i am trying to build my first app using checkboxes and i cannot figure out how i can make a label show up when clicking the checkbox. It only works when i click on the name of the checkbox. Hiding the label works. You can see the video below.

When clicking on the checkbox i am using show component for component tab.

Any ideas?

Thank you!


I advise you to make a variable “checked”, and put it in the check-box, if “checked” is true, it shows else it doesn’t show

Hey Leonardo,

thanks for the quick response. I do not really understand how i get the input checked or not from. I created a variable and linked it to the checkbox value true/false. But now i do not really understand what the input for the if component should be. Can you help further?


u want make like this ?

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yes exactly.
I found out how to do it. But now i want to show a text only when 2 checkboxes are checked.
I opened another post: Set variable for checked or uncheck Checkbox

Maybe you know how to do that?

I think you didn’t do the tutorial, I advise you to do it

But what you can do is:
Create two True/False variables (x and y)

Put the value of each one connected to a box(boxX and boxY)

And in the IF put the formula: x == True && y == True
(this symbol is “and”) (or is ||)

then in the outputs you can put the variable that will make your other things visible

You made my day!

It works

Thank you!

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If you have any doubts, I’ll try to help.

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