Checkbox Field in Repeat - Slow

We are finding when a checkbox field is in a repeated container the value when tapped is incredibly slow to update and visually reflect on the screen. How are other dealing with this, or is there anyway to increase the performance on tap?

Try putting your repeated list inside of a Recycle View component and see if that helps.


Unfortunately, the performance is identical.

Perhaps we may just need to deal with it until such time as the team can implement the ReactNative plugins. I’m hoping when this occurs we will see a performance increase across the board.

Could you show a screenshot of the component tree and tell more about how many data resources there are in the list you’re updating?


Please see the page/repeat container structure - 276942 pages 19

Additionally the data is a PageVariable - List of Objects.

Thank you.

How large is your data collection, that feeds into the repeated rows?

My observation is, that the responsiveness of the repeated checkbox item drops increasingly for collections with more than 300 documents.

Hey @stayfoolish,

Currently 34 objects (items repeated) comprising of the 13 properties.

I wouldn’t consider this too much data for a mobile application, considering other Android/iOS applications can handle much more data / 3D games etc, without issue…


Thank you, I’ll try to reproduce this structure and see if I can get a similar slowness – if I’m able to achieve that, I’ll be able to forward it to the team working on the runtime to have a look at. I’ll get back to you on this.

Hi! I managed to make a reproduction of this, thanks for reporting it.

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Hi @Mevi was this issue resolved? We are also facing the same issue.

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Still an issue it seems :frowning: