Checkbox field with data item in repeat checks all fields

Hi, I am trying to create a checklist/todo list with data in repeat pulled in from Xano, however when I check one box it checks them all, they don’t work independently of each other - can anyone help where i’m going wrong?

Hi @Luke_Flannery, if you’re repeating from a list [{name: "banana", selected: false}, {name: "apple", selected: false}], you would bind the checkbox value to repeated.current.selected to make it work separately for each item.

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I have a simulair problem. I have a local storage with workouts. The user can open the diary page and check the workouts he/she has done. I don’t know how to assign a “checked” state to the list.

I tried but, now I can’t bind the checkboxes.
I would like to interact with them, but not only to show the binding…

What is the solution ?