Checkbox functionality

Hi! I’ve created a Tasks page using checkbox fields, however, the checkboxes do not toggle when tapped in my app. I’m just trying to get the checks to show or not show at this early stage. Can someone please assist me with this? Thanks!


that happens, because for value, you use a static false, you have to connect the value with a variable set to true/false and it will work

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Thank you @Dimos_Vamvourellis! I was able to get the checkboxes to toggle, however, currently I have each task as part of a collection and If I click one then all become checked. I would like for each to be checked individually and once all are checked I would click submit to recognize that all tasks have been completed. Should I keep this as a collection for what I’m trying to accomplish? Am I on the right track?

ok thats a different thing, in that case you cant connect the assigned value to one page variable, but to a currently repeated value of your list. Which means, that you need to have variable for each item in your list, (of course coming from your database)
That way, next you can connect the submit button with your data variable of your ‘new list’ with the updated values to an http request or to any kind of update/write to your database.