Checkbox/Icons select items

I have

a nested list Categories and ingrediens for each category.
I want a checkbox to select one or more items in the list.
I just can’t get this to work.
The list comes from an API. I have added a check property so I can list with checkboxes like this:
IF(current.check, “check-square-o”, “square-o”)

But I want to change them by tapping. How to do this? If I try set Data variable I have to set a complete data-set, not only the check property. Is this possible?

The list looks like this
Cat 1
Chb - Ingrediens 1
Chb - Ingrediens 2
Chb - Ingrediens 3
Cat 2
Chb - Ingrediens 4
Cat 3
Chb - Ingrediens 5
Chb - Ingrediens 6


yes, when you check a box you’d have to update the whole record to save the new value. However you can look into formulas like SET_KEY and SET_ITEM_AT which might make the update a bit easier :slight_smile:

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