Checkbox not responding, when repeated+bound with data variable

@Mevi, @Mari : can someone from your team please have a look behind the scenes?
Project = 254651; page = 7
I am trying to find a fix for days already, but I can’t find a solution :melting_face:

The following issue is messing up my app, but it doesn’t reproduce in a new, separate project.

It is the same for preview on iOS and on web.


  • data-variable contains a boolean object.
  • checkbox is repeated with this data-variable (as stand-alone / container / row)
  • checkbox value is bound to the boolean object of the data-variable

Observation (please see video below):

  • when changing the value of the data variable (e.g. by clicking a ‘select all’ button), the checkbox works like expected.
  • when clicking on the checkbox directly, it does not respond or change the value of the data-variable object. The checkbox does also not trigger a ‘on-tap’-event to show a toast.

What can I do?

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Had a look and my initial guess of “I bet this is because the data is nested” seems to be correct. We have had issues with nested values before, which is why I was immediately suspicious of this.

So I tried to use set data variable flow instead of relying on the checkbox itself being able to change its value. This worked. The checkbox I made can be found where you pointed. I made a reproduction of the issue and submitted a bug ticket for it, to get forward you can take the checkbox I added and its logic and apply it to your case. I would probably have the checkbox have the value and use the cell tap event to change its value, that might be the easiest workaround for the time being.

Thanks for reporting this, now we can get it fixed :slight_smile:

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Mevi, thank you so much for your advice!!

Now the checkboxes work like they should. I am using 2 icons now, that swap visibility as soon as the booleanValue in the data change.



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