Checkbox primitive is not changing on tap with repeated values

I have a app with a multi combo box. Containers appear on the page according to the number of options selected. Ex: if I select ‘apple’ and ‘watermelon’, two boxes appear, one with apple data and the other with watermelon data. But when I’m going to use a formula inside the containers to pull the data for each fruit, from then on the checkbox no longer works, except when the value is static. When I put the repeated.current inside the container, the checkbox stops working.

It has a scroll view, the main container. Then the “box_content”, which repeats with the selected options. Inside, another container. Finally, the last one, this one that is like a line for the cells of the columns. In it is another “repeat with”, this time with the form:

SELECT(pageVars.records_all, item.cenario ==

Which according to the example of the fruits would be: select within the data of all the fruits, the data of the fruits that are being repeated. One box for each, and each with its own data. The problem is that from then on the checkbox no longer works, however, when I put “item.cenario == ‘[static_value]’”, then it works, but not repeated.

Obs: records_all is a list of objects with 5 proprieties. Already the selected options are in a list of objects with 2 properties called “selected_options”, and the properties are id (which would be the name of the “item.cenario”) and number (which is the index).

Can anyone help me? Sorry for typos, I’m using Google Translate.

The reason for this is most likely that there are two repeated.current records. Just try setting the value of the second repeat to something else then “current” here:


Maybe like this:

Then adjust your formulas accordingly and it might resolve your issue.

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Thank you for the answer! I tried to do just that, but the problem persisted. I’ll try to send a print of how the page is structured.

“opcoes_selecionadas” means selected options.

As you can see, the containers are created normally, with the data changing and corresponding to the selected option. But when I go to click on the checkbox to update the value, it just doesn’t allow it. When I put a static value, it will, however the data is the same for both containers.

can you please reupload the screenshot as them did not came through.

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Done! I edited the post, now is available.