Checkboxes not Saving the New State in the Demo ToDo App


Beginner here. I have followed the steps in the video tutorial of the demo ToDo app. It is correctly displaying (in the browser (Chrome/Mac) and in the AppGyver iOS app) the Labels of the list of todos. The default checkbox state is false/not-done/unselected.

However, if I select a checkbox and mark it as true/done the checkmark only remains so for a few seconds and the state of checkbox then reverts to the saved state (which is false/not-done/un-selected). I have rechecked the tutorial several times and have followed it as is including the update record part.

Thanks in advance for any tip/help/guidance as I feel completely lost.

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how you are setting the default value? Are you fetching the data from API or from local?

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Data is in AppGyver cloud storage.

Hi Mariam, welcome to the community! You were probably doing everything just right – we have noticed this issue with the checkbox onChange event as well and are working on fixing it. Apologies for the frustration! :pensive:


Oh. This clarifies. Thank you so much, Mari!

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The matter does not seem to have been resolved. I have the same behaviour that Mariam observed. Whereby the state of checkbox reverts back after a few seconds. Please advise.

Same here! Looking forward for the solution