Checkboxes, number variables, and taking the highest value only

Hi there, I’m really struggling with this one issue.

I have 5 check boxes. Each one is bound to its own T/F variable. When the box is checked it should change its own numerical variable to either X (if true) or 0 (if false). For the first box X is 0.25, for the second box X is 0.2, third is 0.15, fourth is 0.1, and fifth is 0.05. I then want an output that is the highest of whatever boxes are checked. So if you check box 3 the output should be 0.15. But then if you check box 1 as well, the output should change to 0.25 because it’s the higher of the two. But then if you untick box 1, leaving box 3 still ticked, the output should revert to 0.15.

For the life of me I can’t get this to work. I feel like I’ve tried so many combinations of flow functions. Any help would be fantastic.

I’ve attached two screenshots. One shows the flow function I’m trying for box 3 (0.15). The other shows another version for box 1 (0.25) using a MAX formula.