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Hi Guys,

I have been struggling over the past 1 year to make my app with AppGyver. The struggle has not been because AppGyver as a platform is lacking (although it is in certain aspects, hey its free) but more so because whenever I get stuck at something which is not straightforward it is not so easy to find a workaround because of lack of proper documentation and extreme lack of support in the forums. Most of my questions remain unanswered and I often felt like being a live example of the idiom ‘Beggars are not choosers’ simply because I am not paying to use AppGyver

Well, a few days ago when I could find a way to access the nextPage token for firebase collections and had not information on it in spite of searching extensively through the forums and even posting a query, I finally decided to take the leap to a different platform.

Flutterflow seemed good enough and I dived straight into it. Now after having made a few pages I can confidently say that FF is much easier to use, has an active community, an AI-powered bot that answers your queries, many many many many …many more components than AppGyver and since I am paying to use them I get customer support.

So this post is intended for two audiences -

1.) Users who are struggling to make their app, do consider another platform. A few dollars a month is worth it if it makes your work easier / faster or even possible.
2.) To the AppGyver team. Guys, you have a good product but you are simply letting it go to waste. Rome was once the center of the world, but now it is not. Either move with the times or become a footnote in history

Ta Da

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My dear Friend,

I feel sorry about the fact that you have come across struggles while building an application with this tool. Most of us here did come across them. But we are not developers by our nature but rather enthusiastic people (professionals) from different fields. We have ideas that we want to turn into solutions, applications, and services.

The traditional way of doing this would be to go on and hire a freelancer or an agency that would turn our ideas into solutions. This tool provides an opportunity to test and validate many-many of our ideas in a safe, cheap, and pretty effective way. However, as it was always stated it is a free tool! You cannot expect to receive the same type of support that you’d have on a paid plan. I myself always tend to help this community, but it is just a side hobby, thus I might not be able to reply to all questions. Not to mention that I’m no developer either. But in order to make MY life and experience with AG better, I DID learn a lot of the underlying technology. One of the reasons was to understand the limitations so that I never have fake dreams of having something possible that is not.

AG has enabled me to build from small blog-like apps (with its own CMS), through translators to other rich experiences that are fully functional. I am really struggling to understand what is it that you couldn’t build here?

What makes other tools, like FF “easier” is that they are part of a different service, FF is pretty much backed by Google and works best with Firebase. AG did not have such a background for multiple years, yet still provide options to prototype, build and deliver in a free environment. Also, try to NOT forget that you receive tons of “pre-built” components in those other tools. They are okay, but the real question is how deep can you go with your own solutions. I do wish you luck out there, but please be considerate when you “promote” a different solution in this way.

Furthermore, I challenge you to share your experience about the progress with the other tool here, in this thread. I’d really like to see what can you come up with. :pray:t2:

yep, you’ve seen the light.
glad you ‘escaped’ !!!

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