Children's Instant Book Creator and Reader

My friends it has been a lot of hard work. Not finished yet, but what do you think so far?

Children and families can create books and monetize them through allowing pet-brands and small businesses to display their catalog after the book.

Brands can make product catalogs. We plan to implement integrated payment system. Third party developers can sign up and display the Instant Books on their websites or apps and share revenue.

Instant Books can also be sold print on demand, exported to epub or pdf, or used to create previews of published books.

Please tell me what you think.:pray:


:tada:Excellent. In case you see that the image takes a while to load, it would be good to place background containers the images, since the call to said image will make it a little faster to load and in case it handles for example APIs, also the call would be very fast to said images. Congratulations, it looks great.:tada:

It loads pretty instant when the phone isn’t being dragged by the screen recorder. But that is interesting and I will see if that works better. Thank you. :pray:

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