Chnage url to image_url

Hello, I’m trying to get images from my API (in a list format) to work with the carousel and i cannot get it to work. I think its because my API sends the images as

“url”: “image address”
instead of
“image_url”: “image address”

If you know how I can change it may you please tell me, or if you have another solution I can try any help would be appreciated

The first image is a screenshot of it how it comes from the API (doesn’t work)
The second is one I placed in manually with “image_url”: in front

use MAP(data.Car_input21.List_Images, {“image_url”: item.url})

Thank you so much for the help and the quick reply, but that didn’t seem to work. Do you have any other suggestions?

Shouldn’t there be an appVars or pageVars before your variable ata.xxxxx?

oh its data not ata

just saw it

a simple typo :slight_smile:

I dont believe so because the data that I’m getting comes from the API so I have it as a data variable not a page or app variable.