Clarification on Code Export

Hi, I’m new to Appgyver (coming in from Bubble). I’m planning to build a web app. From the docs and the forum, I can understand that one can export the code and host it on their servers. Sounds awesome! But there seems to be some caveat to this. In Reddit forums too, there is some confusion regarding the same.

It would be such a big help to all those who’re coming in from other vendor locked-in platforms if someone could explain if we can REALLY own the exported code and build on it further?

Owning the exported code sure, but I don´t know how easy it is to then build on it.

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I would say it is not that easy as this is a compiled web app. To build on further functionality You would require the source code which is not available for export. One could pose pretty strong arguments in favor of this. However, I would consider including Your extra functionality be developed as a custom web app(let) and then integrate that via Webview (though it is not working on a web app… yet) or even going further if the function can be completed in some sort of backend, then definitely that is advised. But to clarify again, you do not get the source code, but instead, a final built web app.

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