Clean input field

Hello Folks, how do i can clean input field after submit?

Some resources to check before you post:

AppGyver Academy: SAP AppGyver Quick-Start

Troubleshooting FAQ: SAP AppGyver FAQ

Bind your input field to a pageVar. Use it as an intermediary between your input field and the data var.
Upon success of your submit, set pageVar to No value.

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Thank you for quick respond, I will try to set it up. =)

Could you please explain step by step how to make pageVar an intermediary between input field and dataVar? I created dataVar “newPost” with “new data record type” created pageVar “newPost” with Variable value type - text. How to set up, and where is the main thing? I do not understand this “spaceship” - appgyver.

After your dataVar, you add a set pageVar like so:

Then assign the values of the dataVar to your pageVar:

After that, you can do another set pageVar after your button click where you set all values in ‘assign value’ to no value.


Thank you very much Fred, I’m moving on.
AppGyver is probably the best platform with the best community. =)

I did it a little differently and it also works. Here is my step-by-step solution for input field clearing after submit data, maybe it will be useful for someone: