Clear input field after a button is clicked

Hi, I have a input field bind to a data variable.
I need the field to be empty after the data is submitted.
I read the approach in a topic of Carlos_Herrera] but it does not work for me. Thank you.

Just set the data variable = “” (empty)

Thank you for your awnser. The variable is bind to grab the value of the input field. If I change it to empty stops working and does not send data to the list item.

You should bind the input field to a Page variable. Then set the Data variable = Page variable when the button is clicked. Then set the Page variable = “”. This way it wont affect the Data variable

Thank you for your time and patience. The problem is solved. :blush:

After a few failed tries, this is what worked for me.

  • After create record success
  • Add a Set data variable node
  • set data variable name
  • set record properties to custom object with properties
  • set the property item to blank text (Input in my case)

Would you please share the way how you solve the problem. I have the same problem.
Thanks. :grin:

  1. Create a page var
  2. Bind it to the input field value (means you remove the data var binding)
  3. Assign to the data var the value of the page var on click of the button
  4. Set page var to empty “” value on success (success node of your action).