Clickable Link within Collapsible grouped basic list

I have implemented the Collapsible grouped basic list (1NM_-HLj1Xx5YBJWnZ8B-w). I have a URL in my JSON data set and wanted to be able to click some text that says “See More” and load up the URL.

I achieved this by setting the URL data to the “ID” field. I then used the component tap event to set a page variable to the “ID” (URL) of the tapped item. I changed the label within the groups to say “See More”.

I coupled this with the URL loader and it works great…except for one thing. I need to essentially double tap the records. The first tap on the main record body to set the page variable and then I can click the “See more” phrase and chrome launches.

Can anyone think of a better way to do this so I can click once, set the page variable and then load the webpage?

If i understand correct your structure, instead of connecting the open url to the page variable, you need to create a function, with your url and for the id you can access it in the currently repeated (id) something like this
image” + +“if there is anything else in the url after the id”

Hi Dimos, Thanks for your reply.

I don’t think your suggestion would work as the data I am receiving does not have repeatable URL’s. for example in your screenshot above the “base URL” would be" and then the ID’s. For my data this base URL could be different with every database call.

call 1 -
call 2 -

so the URL’s are not repeating. I think the issue may just be with that component that I have used from the marketplace, there appears to be two different bits of logic

Logic 1: When you tap on the main body of the record it set’s an internal parameter to that ID, but the “Component Tap” is not triggered
Logic 2: When you tap the “label” on the record the component tap is triggered and you can link off of it.

I will make do for now as it is just a proof of concept. If anyone has any bright ideas let me know. I did try and follow this:

But had no luck. I couldn’t seem to navigate to the “isolation mode”

Hmm, i dont see any proble, that way can be used to create the url, it doesnt need for the base to be the same