Client-side storage (newbie!) question

Hey guys,
I am no code app building two days old! …and learning fast!

I’m getting all of the content and layout side down but starting to hit a data wall.
I’ve watched endless youtube videos and Appgyver’s most excellent tutorials but have a question that I can find the answer to. And it’s a simple one I’m sure!

Basically. The data resources.

I don’t want to hold any of my user’s data so is picking the option ‘Client-side storage’ the right one for this? (I’m guessing so!)


Do I still need to have a backend database?

The interactive aspects of my app are simple.

  • To do list
  • Goal planner

It’s for one person’s use only (not team) so won’t hold information about people etc.

It will just be for the user’s answers to the goal setting questions and a to-list.

Hope that gives all the info needed so someone can advise me how to move forward past my data resource block :woman_facepalming:

Cheers guys! :slight_smile:


It sounds like the client side could work well in your case. All data in a client side database gets stored in your device, and it works well if there’s only one user per device, the users don’t need to see each others data, and the data does not have to be available to any external party (like an admin keeping track of everyones todos or goals, for example). For a personal To do list and Goal planner the client side should be fine :slight_smile:

Hey Cecilia,
That’s brilliant. Thanks so much for your response.
I really appreciate it :slight_smile: