Client side storage problems

I’m having trouble updating records with client side storage. I’m able to add records and delete those same records, no problem. The trouble begins when I make updates to records which results in losing other records. I also noticed that when I delete records which had multiple updates, I see different recIDs and the previous info in the changed fields. Basically, the earlier versions show up in the list. As far as the lost records, I never see those again, my guess, they get deleted or overridden by the update.

The app I’m writing is very simple, pick an item–add to list, if not in the list use ‘create record’, if in the list use ‘update record’. (And yes, I use GENERATE_UUID when I create the record.)

There has to be a way to use the ‘update record’ function using client side storage.

Any ideas? Is this a bug?

========= Update =======

Ok, when using the MAP function in the ‘Repeat with’ I lost the ability to use the ‘Data item in repeat’ correctly, meaning the current properties were not options, only value and label were choices (which were defined in the MAP function). I just removed the MAP portion of the formula and I was able to see the schema. This most likely led to the original ‘Update record’ problem with utilizing the correct recID.

I was able to get the ‘Update record’ to work correctly by using a FIND in the ID field. Since I got rid of the MAPs, I was able to use ‘repeated.current.items’ for the equate statement in the following formula…

STRING(LOOKUP(FIND(data.dataList, item.listAddress==repeated.current.items), “id”))