Cloud Service Locations

Hi - sorry another newbie question…

Where are the cloud services located? Or more specifically, can I have my app, data , and all processing done in Australia?


The AppGyver public cloud is in the United States (hosted in Heroku/AWS). The app binary itself, once you package it as a standalone build using our Build Service, doesn’t connect to our cloud at all, unless you use some of our hosted services like auth or AppGyver Cloud Storage.

So, as long as your backend is hosted in Australia and you use the created mobile app in Australia, everything will stay in Australia, with no contact to AppGyver servers.

For web app deployments, the actual location of the app deployments is AWS S3 in the US, with custom deployment options available under the AppGyver Black plan (contact for more).

If you need to have the actual SaaS editor ( running in Australia, that’s possible too under AppGyver Black, but with a significant price tag (six figures).

This is great info! Could you tell us which specific AWS region (e.g., us-east-1, us-east-2, etc) is used for web app deployments? I’d like to be sure our backend service isn’t across the country.

The bucket is US East (N. Virginia), but there’s an AWS CloudFront in front of it, so the files will get served by the nearest Edge location; see for the full map.

Great, that’s exactly the info I needed, thank you!

Since that’s the case, I’ll probably use an edge optimized api gateway endpoint with a serverless framework like Zappa.

If any future visitors have suggestions or better ideas, please chime in. All input welcome!