Codesign Error: '0 valid identities found'

Getting this error every time I try to do the iOS build. I followed multiple guides step-by-step, including the Appgyver one.

Can someone on the team take a look and see what’s going on?


Couple of things to check:

  • Your p12 file has a password
  • The certificate is iOS Distribution (App Store and Ad Hoc) type
  • The app’s bundle id matches the identifier bundle id
  • The provisioning profile is an App Store Distribution profile
  • In all your tries you have updated the files in the iOS build assets

These are all included in the instructions so maybe you have all these details in order, but they can be easily missed and it’s good to make sure :slight_smile:
If it still doesn’t work please provide your app id (the number sequence in the url)

Hey Cecilia,

I tried once more, but still no success. I’d really appreciate if the team could check this issue out.

App ID: 228081

Thank you so much!

That full error message is:

Message: Codesign Error: ‘0 valid identities found’. You might have generated a new certificate in the Apple Developer Center, but you have not generated a new provisioning profile which matches the new certificate. Please generate and upload a new provisioning profile, then request a new build.

There are no issues with the build service currently, are you sure you have repeated this process in the app store connect:

Apple dev profiles > > edit > select same cert as added to build service > save > download > upload to build service > build again

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I have the same problem, I did the procedures mentioned but without success.

I am worried

Build 315368: MarketPlace