Collapsible Group / Accordion Data sources

I am in need of a collapsible list component however both of the ones I have found on the market place link directly into data resources. My problem is that the data resource I have has URL placeholders which are populated using a user form and app variables. Both the Collapsible Group and Accordion link straight into the rest API but don’t seem to give me an opportunity to populate the URL placeholders.

URL Placeholders:

Now if I set the default values in the URL placeholders to meaningful values the Collapsible Group works fine and gets the data. Does anyone have any idea how I can get this to work. I don’t really want to build the entire component myself and maintain that moving forward.

If I use the “Get Record Collection” then the URL variables are required as inputs so why not when using the Accordion/Collapsible Group



I have the same issue. Is there a way to have the Collapsible Group List link to a variable? Some Rest APIs use Post method to get data, which does not seem to work well in Appgyver. Any help?