Collection filtering from Firebase (Bug?)

So if you take a look in this, it might be a bug, When using condition for any id, the result is this (tested it many times with different ids)


Also, even though with other variables like name it works fine when using one but if you use more than one, the raw response from get collection logic is this

Has anyone else got this problem??

I have the same problem, it is not possible for me to use variables as Filter Condition in the firebase data variable.

I really like to use this feature, because without a filter condition a have an extremely high amount of document reads in firebase.

the only problem, i had, was filtering with the function any and in the end, the problem was coming from firebase not appgyver. otherwise it works fine

Hi Dimas, how so I get to this screen to add properties and conditions? Is it in get collection flow component?

You can add the conditions in the data variable screen:

Thanks a ton. I’ve used a REST API Connector for configuring data sources (not the Direct Integration). Would this still work? Also would this limit the actual record fetch from my Firestore collection or the filter would apply only in the data variable?
What I mean is, if I limit page size to 20 (?pageSize=20), would it fetch 20 records satisfying the filter conditions? Or fetch all records and apply filter?

One more bonus question if you don’t mind. Can I use ?orderBy in the GET url for createdTime or name in the collection? I could not make it work, although it works with the fields.