Combine two varriables

I want to combine two varriables as the following[0].pageVars.userName

i couldn’t get the result !!

Correct me if I am wrong…
But is it not[0] + pageVars.userName that you are trying to do?

Else I think you may want to check through the list functions applicable to your scenario

Exactly i want to combine both values

can you show me how through a (list functions) ??

Wow… Well there is a LOT of them…
I don’t know our exact intentions to best guide you…

Can you a bit better define your intentions with this?
In the meanwhile I WOULD advise you to just go through the little documentation that shows up when you select any of them whilst working on a formula.
They are very brief but extremely helpful with even applicable samples per each.

no it’s not working and i think you didn’t get what i want

I want to get the result of what is inside list

pageVars.userName = John

so i want to execute[0].John

and get the result in another page varriable

I think YOU didn’t get what I wanted to say…

Disclaimer: English is not my mother tongue… so-thus;though I try to elucidate comprehensive and/or demonstrative statements to my best: I usually fail to better express what is meant to say.

Please allow me to try once again…
(As I have little time for this… Forgive me if it may seem expletive in tone. I wish not to be uncouth at any rate actually)

In my first post I stated that I thought you may have got it wrong…
That maybe what you possibly wanted to do SHOULD have been:[0] + pageVars.userName


So I was asking IF this worked to what you liked.
ELSE: I offered you check the list functions.

But when you asked me to explain the list functions I stated: “I don’t know your exact intentions to best guide you”.

I said this because ALL I could have understood was that you do not want to put them side by side but that you want to MAP/CONCAT/JOIN/GROUP/etc… But as I told you I do NOT know your intentions and I cannot explain ALL the functions here.
You would really do yourself a favour by checking the documentation.

NOW: you tell me you want to just put them side by side…

So allow me to please show you WHAT I had had meant.

HERE I am creating three page variables…
I am giving name an initial value of “John” and city an initial value of “Batman”. I am leaving the third empty.

Here I am presenting HOW the variables would behave shall they be modified within my limited knowledge… First two are directly the variables as is… so is the last (albeit since the function is on the button you do not see it’s display property yet). The others are sample functions assigned directly to the titleText.

THIS is what you get when you run the preview App (Yes: the codeBlocks are too white and gigantic. But I do not know how to format Markdown text into theme variables… Or if there even IS a way)…
Do note that the pageVars.questionBilel segment is empty…

AND THIS is what you get when you click on the button and change the pageVars.questionBilel

You can STILL have a “.” between the two by simply including it BETWEEN them just like I have done so in the example.

Okay… I’m done…

Now IF this is NOT what you want… then it is OBVIOUS that you are asking for an advanced listing or combining method that of which I am too limited and incapable of helping you for.

I so hope that this time I was clear enough.
Currently I can honestly not do any better… Not even in my own language :cold_sweat:

Have a great day!

Well man, first of all I THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all your time and effort to help me get it right, i honnestly appreciate it so MUCH.

i think i understand it now and i will let you know what was the result

I got a better result !!

the result i got [object object].John but its not executable but when i write it manually it works right !!

You are MOST welcome!!
To be fair: I owe a LOT of what I know and/or can do… to people who have helped my out as well. So in some way you can call it even a payback of sort :slight_smile: No worries…

Well that’s because you are just initiating a text… Well at least I WAS just initiating a text… I do not know how exactly you applied it.

Bilel please try to think of it as a container… That would make much of your life throughout this so much easier.
Now the variable is a container with stuff in it. So the city variable is a container with city names in it… And the userName variable is a container with user names in it.

What I did above was basically take something out of the city container and the userName container then put them together…
What you are going to have to do is to assign a container that contains the containers containing the contents of the other two…
Which is why I used a “button” as an example where the two are not combined as a text only but as a result “In function”…

As long as you think of it as a container much will be so much easier to relate to… So think of the uniting container as an empty container that sort of moderates HOW you are going to pick. So you will have the option to take something from the container in only pairs of “city + name”.

With all this in mind: you are going to need to have something to initiate the formula to have the variable “be” the combination of the two.

Example 1: this could be to click on a button that presents an output of the two combined as the above.

Example 2: you could have the variable directly defined onEVENT → Page mounted or onEVENT → Page focused from the PAGE LAYOUT with a formula such as + "." + pageVars.userName

Here is how I would connect it.

As you must have understood: it is usually all about understanding how they work/connect and then using your imagination into best converting them into useful tools.

I hope this gets you somewhere closer to your goal

i got you now thanks for your time