Comparison to Bubble

Hi everyone!

I’m looking to build mainly API-based small marketing tools (like audiencebuilder, interestexplorer, small campaign management solutions, etc) and some of those idea may require storing data.

As far as I understand, appgyver doesn’t provide a backend (only local storage on the device and hobby-usage cloud database).

What should I do in this case? Use a Google Sheet? Airtable? Are there any limitation on the ingration with this sheets?

Are there better solutions to connect to a database (that’s easy to use)?

The main reason I drift away from Bubble was speed. Bubble is a great backend app (not so good on the frontend), but it’s so slow it’s unusable in 2020 imho. The enterprise level of AppGyver (with full backend control) is not suitable for me though, I’m a freelancer, not a big enterprise.

Please let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:

Hi there!

Yes, you’ve understood correctly! As for the backend there are several options you could go with depending on your exact needs and experience.

Here’s some links to get you started: (for Firebase) (for Airtable) (for Bubble)

Hope this helps!

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