Compilation problem

Hi all, Android complilation problem. I read that with the new build the problem was solved … but I still get the same error …!
Anyone know me something?
Thank you

Runtime version: 4.6.21;
AB version: 1.7.6

ASSETS_ARCHIVE_URL = https: // Response-content-disposition = attachment% 3B% 20filename% 3D% 22% 3B% 20filename% 2A% 3DUTF-8% 27% 27assets. Expires = 604800 & X-Amz-SignedHeaders = host & X-Amz-Signature = a773b0d98ed031a763e688c67ac932f5e8a9671838e9a534cd6fba6fc6392b67 NODE_OPTIONS = - max-old-space-size = 8096 -skiprone-export -skipxr packageManager yarn --template @ appgyver / orchestra-template-standalone @ 4.6.21 -r


FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

After other attempts, without changing anything, it worked …

I saw that on a couple of builds too. There are clearly some back end issues.

Try at least 3 times before being sure it has failed.