Complete Firebase Course

I’m excited to announce the complete ‘Firebase meets AppGyver’ Course.

A few weeks ago a published a little tutorial series on youtube.
After that I regulary get requests for more tutorials especially
about two pain points.

  • Authentication
  • Image Upload

Google Firebase looks like a natural fit, but we still need some workarounds in some
cases to bend it to AppGyvers specifications. In this course you will learn everything to
build a modern, production ready app.

This is the first course about AppGyver as I can tell. It’s also my first course on Udemy.

The course is released on Udemy covering every major pain point including

  • Backend REST API
  • Authentication with signup and securing endpoints
  • Image Upload straight from AppGyver to Firebase

My goal was to put as much value without stretching the course unnecessarily.

Please feel free to share this link.


This is very cool, congrats on breaking new ground over at Udemy!

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Hi Omar,
Price shows as $12.99 in Udemy, but in payment screen changes to $29.
Do we need to use a coupon code?

Also, is it possible to include a lesson on storing audio file in firebase and playing it in Appgyver.

Thanks, will sign up for Udemy course, after your response.


Hi Ravi,

thank you for your question.
$12.99 is the correct price (I do not have absolute control over the price). Buying the course through the link I posted will just give me a bigger share.
The price for the students should not change.

Storing audio files should be similar to uploading pictures. You would not need to change anything in firebase. It should only depend on AppGyver and how they handle audio uploads.
I haven’t checked that out myself yet.

If I cross a solution I will come back to you.