Component Data saving to App Variable in Web-Preview but not in Mobile Preview App

I’m facing an issue where there is a page for selecting the state list for an application form but the selected token value is not saved in the variable in the mobile preview app but is saving in the web preview. If anyone can help solve the issues, It’ll be very helpful.
I’ve attached some screenshots for reference.
P.S.- I’ve used multi-combo box with input type component.

Mobile Preview Console Log

Flow function with conditioning, if the variable is empty then shows the alert.

Flow function, where giving the selected token value to the app variable.

Formula to give the list of the states to token label.

Repeating the token based on the selected values

Repeating the token based on the selected values

Web-preview for the same flow as shown for mobile preview console.

@Mari can you please help me to resolve it since I’ve to deliver the app tomorrow?

Hi @Sanket_Pathak, if you encounter bugs such as this one, please report them in the Tracker where it will reach the development team.

I can’t promise that we’ll get it resolved by tomorrow, but I can take a look for a possible workaround if you provide me with your app ID (number sequence in project URL).

I too am having this issue…

App variables are saving on Web preview but not on Mobile preview.

Is this a known bug? @Mari