Component has a parent container with a static color value

Dear all,

I ran into this problem:

"Content colors don’t behave as expected
because this component has a parent
container with a background color set to
a static color value.

Change the background color of the that
parent container to use a Smart
background color to make content
colors automatically look right."

I am trying to build a button which changes color while I click on it. I have tried to remove the formula for these buttons but the issue remains. Could anyone help out on letting me know what the problem is here?


There has got to be a way to remove their smart color sdk altogether. I am looking for the same thing.


For a button, I found that adding a “new palette” works:

You could bind the new colour to a page variable like so:

If you’d define smart colours for each background colour, the text would automatically be set to something correct. Alternatively, you could just use a formula or static colour there.

I hope this helps. I couldn’t reproduce the error you ran into, if you keep facing it while following these steps please keep us reported.