Component position changed when i use "set component style", could anyone help, please?

Hi everyone!
I set the my component colors from yellow to grey using “set component style”.

When i check it throw the Appgyver Legend Preview App, everything was ok.

But when i check it throw the Appgyver Preview App, my component position changed…

How can i correct them like in AppGyver Legend Preview App? Could anyone help?

Hi, thanks for reporting this! So that I can help figure out why it’s happening, could you post a screenshot of how the card component is built, is it a composite component or a normal view component? What view component does “Set component style” affect specifically, is it bound to just the button or the whole card?

I created just container. And put all components inside of this container.

“Set component style” i created for changing just color of title, paragraph and button…

Hi Mari!! Any news??