Component Properties Erratic behaviour!


I have made a component that takes sizes as an input in either in imperial or metric system (based on conditional rendering) and then converts and outputs size in both systems.

I tested this component by binding the values to Text , and if I enter the size in metric then the imperial size automatically gets displayed in Text component which is binded. Component works exactly as desired.

Now the final goal of this component is to use it inside a repeating list where in the user enters size (user choses imperial or met) and we store all resultant values in our database. The problem is here. The user enters values in Metric and they get passed on to the database, but I am just not able to figure out why the converted values are not passing on . I have checked and re-checked everything multiple times but nothing seems amiss. Maybe a second pair of eyes will catch what it is that I am doing wrong.

Thanks for your help.

Hello, can we have a screenshot?