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Hello friends, I haven’t used AppGyver for a long time and I haven’t even opened the platform for a long time.

Today I noticed that some of my apps stopped working and so I signed in again.

I was asked to update several components. I’ve made the necessary updates, but I’m still seeing some issues.

Can someone shed some light on what might be going on?


I have a main screen where I use images as Action Buttons.

When clicking on one of these images, the application should open another page.


To open another page I was using OPEN PAGE component with MODAL= TRUE but no page was being opened.

Just out of curiosity, I changed it to MODAL=FALSE and the page opened, but not the way I wanted, that is, opening to the side.

I switched to the REPLACE PAGE component using the MODAL=FALSE setting and the screen opened to the side as I wanted.


In all this time that I’ve been away from the platform, has any change happened to the OPEN PAGE component so that it only works if I set MODAL=TRUE ?

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Hello Leo,

Can you send some prints of your flow functions and how it’s configured?

As far as I know the “open page” is working with or without modal = true, you are building for IOS, Android or WEB?

It’s a bug that’s gonna be fixed in 4.8 version we are waiting for patiently :wink: