Components missing in editor

I woke up this morning to find that all of my Primitives are missing. This is kind of important…

Hi @Brenton_Richards, this has happened some times before but we’re still investigating what’s causing it. Would this solution help in your case:

Unfortunately, not. In the other case the user seems to have been missing the component that was reset. I, however, am missing everything under primitives. Not sure at what point this happened as I only recognized it this morning.

Is there another reolution to this? Thanks.

Hi, I was thinking it might solve the problem since your screenshot looks identical to the problem in the other thread. Anyways, you should still be able to find all the core components including primitives under the “Installed” tab. Are any of them displaying a green exclamation point, signifying that the component has been edited? If so, you can click on that and choose to revert to latest version from marketplace.

Yes, All of them are displaying this. I’ll revert them all. Thanks