Composer displaying components - Bigger Tree Area Please!

I´d like to revisit something someone mentioned a while back about making the tree part of composer bigger. The main window is pretty much dead to me - see the image of how my pages appear…

So I have to build using preview pretty much. This page appears fine in my app, its just a composer issue.

Is this unique to my app or do others have similar issues? Perhaps if its common we can get it on the feature request list.

You can increase the size of the Layout Tree by dragging it upwards using the top-most bar:

You can also scroll through it, in case it does not fit all the content.

Not sure if that is what you are after; if not, please clarify further, so I can put your suggestion on the board.

The trouble is that the area above the tree is important too. Yet I have the entire main panel unusable. I am used to it now, but it would be nice to have flexibility on where each part of composer appears.

Oh, I see what you mean now. That is quite a large change, so I doubt it can be done anytime soon.
Although, that is a good idea from your side.

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