Composer is slow and unable to load


I’ve been doing my app when the site crashes. Now no matter what browser I’m using, I am unable to open my app. I’ve been able to open other app just fine.

Please help. Thank you

My App id is: 319054

I’ve also submitted a bug report here:

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We pushed some improvements to parsing yesterday, so apps should open faster in preview, that should help you. Let me know if it does!

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Hi Mevi,

So far I don’t have much issue with the preview anymore. Thank you!

But the composer itself is still unstable. Sometimes it is working just fine. Sometimes it is very hard to save

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After working awhile, I always make sure to save, close the tab, and open a new tab.

It seems like it’s a memory-usage issue, because a new tab usually resets it back to workable.

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Yup that’s the workaround at the moment. But it still seems like something is wrong from the platform side and it is not exactly the best user experience