Composer Lag and Live Preview

I am experiencing a lot of lag when working in composer. Don’t know if this is a known issue or a temporary bug.

Also will there be an update to composer that shows a live preview of the app? With a repeating list I see an inaccurate representation as opposed to how it actually looks in the App Gyver app. I’m trying to see how my app looks for different device resolutions and am unable to.

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I faced similar lags on Chrome latest version on both Windows/Mac. Refreshing the tab solves it(but eventually again lags), so I keep on saving after a few changes.

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Thanks for the feedback – there are some unfortunate lag issues, especially on more complex apps that we’re working on to fix from multiple angles. In the meantime, refreshing your browser window or using the preview value of the Visible property to hide sections you’re not working on can alleviate this.

Embedded simulator in Composer is also planned but no timeline yet – the next best thing is using the web preview and e.g. Chrome’s device mode to test different screen widths:


Thanks for the tips! Look forward to the updates.

The seems to be more lag on opening the app n Composer in Chrome browser over last 2-3 days. It was not there before and my app certainly did not progress enough to justify it… ;))