Composer needs a documenter tool

After a year of working intensively with AppGyver Composer, I have grown convinced of the power, scope, and depth of Composer as an app development tool. With Composer, I believe you can develop sophisticated and production-worthy applications for smart phones, tablets, and the web.

It is also certain that as apps grow is scope and depth, they become more intricate and complex. Being able to readily interpret the intricacies of the structure and the logic flow of an application is essential for its proper maintenance and continuing growth.

The low-code paradigm elevates the level of development abstraction and boosts productivity (in the same way compilers do). While this facilitates the creative effort, it also obscures both the underlying program structure and logic flow. After a while, it becomes very difficult to maintain an accurate global perceptive of the development canvas.

It has happened to me more than once. Trying to make changes to work done some months prior was arduous and painful, to say the least. I just could not remember the workflow I used at various points in the development canvas. This resulted in slow and error-prone work. I can only feel sorry for the person that will arrive later into the project to maintain and enhance it.

The solution of course is to supplement the power of Composer with an automated documenter capability. I am convinced that for Composer to realize its potential as a serious application development platform, it must include an adequate documenter tool.

I came from a scientific development environment in which we dedicated a substantial portion of the time to carefully document each and all pieces of work. The practice was essential to maintain the integrity of the software and facilitate its future development. The same motivation applies to development work done with Composer.

I hope AppGyver does justice to the potential of Composer by adopting this most essential capability.

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Hi, thanks for the note! There’s a similar suggestion in the tracker, feel free to participate in the discussion there if you have further ideas :slight_smile: