Composer Performance Issues After Having too Many Data Sources

With OData Integration, I have added my odata link and as soon as metadata returned all the results and I saved all of them as data sources, application become really slow. There are more than 150 collections in this OData.

This affects application altogether, even when I’m just adding a button or something.

@Harri_Sarsa what is the optimum number of data sources that we can have?

Hi! Could you share your application id?

Hi Mevi!

Sure, App ID is 281483


Wow, I’ve never seen that many data resources in one app :sweat_smile: it’s definitely the source of slowness. However, at least on my laptop I was able to open the app and add items such as buttons and images without issue, just waiting a second longer than in the typical app.

I would definitely recommend going through the data resources and the design of your app and only keeping the data resources that you will definitely need. Most of the apps we have done have around 10-20 data resources. If after going through all your data resources and only keeping the ones you need in this app there are still too many to operate Composer smoothly (check against an empty app to see the normal level), you could still remove some data resources that you only need in one or two places, and using instead a manually configured HTTP request flow function to get the data you need on the page and place you need it. I do this a lot for data resources I only need one operation for (e.g. POST) and only in a couple of places.

Hi Mevi,

Welcome to world of SAP :slight_smile: Since solutions are highly configurable almost everything is stored as a “table” (i.e. there’s a collection for a Ticket’s → Attachment Folder’s → Attachment Category Type Code). Hardcoded values are rare.

Of course for an app we do not need that much data source. That API provides all the data sources available for a giant CRM application.

For a specific project 10 - 20 sources would suffice. But as you saw it, deselecting all of these would be a nightmare… That is why I have created the request below:

For now I have created another application and I’m using REST API since I have more flexibility that way. And there are some bugs with OData Integration such as:

Hmm you’re definitely right about the deselect all. I raised this with the team, we’ll have a look into it. Thanks for reporting this!

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