Composer Pro Crashed - AP ID 97782

Hey AG team,

I’ve been holding off on updating the My Account component updates as it overrides the local changes and styling I made to the components (though I’m using 3rd party auth so unsure why I need to update these components).

I recreated the login and profile pages to keep the styling and then updated the component. Now I can’t get the app to save, roll back changes and none of the buttons work on the preview app.

I’m also receiving the below error upon opening the app in composer pro:

Need help as I was about to publish major changes to iOS & Android.

App ID: 97782

Hi! Sorry about the delayed answer :frowning: Are you still experiencing problems with this?

All good! @Harri_Sarsa got it sorted. I had originally been using AG authentication then switched to 3rd party auth. During that process, I somehow deleted all but one of the logic nodes from the AG flow, and with the new component updates, it triggered an error on the app.

I just had to delete that logic node and it fixed things.