Composer Pro is a grate investment

For those who are struggling with this platform and may give up, I can tell you that. This platform is under development in all aspects and need a lot of work regarding the tutorials and templates especially. However, you will not find something “powerful” like it for free outside. So, even if you didn’t like it as it is for any reason, keep it in your mind and check it out from time to time. It’s the future for anyone who wants to make a fully customized app and not stuck with a “forever” monthly subscription for building an app using API. Composer Pro is a grate platform uses a modern and popular hybrid technology “react native”, just give it time and discover how things work and you will be fine.

I suggest Appgyver, to invest more in making the templates and tutorials to get the user attention, and to get ready for owning the market. No, joke here, many users outside paying money for getting less than what you offer for free.

FYI, in my opinion, the nearest to it in the market is .


I too was wondering if its a new platform or what because i notice a lot of missing features,but it is a very powerful platform that cant be denied.
You are completely right in making themes and tutorials and some of us can even help in that aspect to help other users out. But we are still in the dark too and trying to figure things out by trial and error.


We hear you – there’s a new team member joining next Monday to solely produce content for the community, so stay tuned!