Composer Scroll Bars Missing

In this image you can see that the only frame with scroll bars is for the flow controls. All other frames have no scroll bars. How can I get the scroll bars back?


I can see scrollbars in all frames in your screenshot:

Is there something missing?

I’ve been using ApGyver for a number of years now, and the scroll bars have always been there. I’m using a different PC running Windows 11 now. Maybe that’s the difference?

That’s where I would expect them too. They do nothing. If I try to hover over them I get nothing. They don’t expand like in W10/11, and when I’m on my laptop with no scroll wheel the interface/composer is rather useless.

Why if the Flow frame different? The scroll bars work there.

The screen shots above are in Chrome. I just tried in EDGE and its the same. I tried inspecting the html using F12 but I’m not smart enough to find where the scroll bars are defined.

I found in the code where the scroll bars are set to 1px. I set them to 10px and now I can select the scroll bar using my touch pad on my notebook. It does not have a scroll wheel.


I can’t be the only person who does not have scroll bars?!?


changes made in this file

Now my composer is functional again, until the next time I load…