Composer to ElectronJS?

Hi, I need to build a desktop app due to data security so I can store certain types of data locally, but a good portion of the data will reside on a server, so it’s available to all users. Has there been any thought in allowing the app built in Composer Pro to become an Electron app. Possibly using Cordova as the intermediary?

The macOS app is actually running on Electron already! There’s a lot of native APIs we don’t yet support, but at least after we get the third-party plugin feature up and running, everything that is possible in an Electron app will be possible in Composer.

What sort of APIs to store the local data were you thinking of?

Hi @Harri_Sarsa, to make sure I understand, you’re saying that something designed in Composer is using Electron to create the MacOS app? If so, that sounds promising for my use case.

I want to be able to install various packages from npm and hopefully hook input/output of them through the composer interface.

Example: if I need to encode/decode URLs in Base64. I could install the base64-url package, and setup input/output parameters for it that hook into Flow.

As for storage in the Electron app, I would like to be able to add something like sqlite and possibly an ORM like Objection.