Composer UI Suggestion (make Tree bigger!)

I want to gauge if others agree with me here. Although the drag and drop UI preview is nice, many features, like stretching to viewport width, having absolute containers on top of scroll views, and complicated formulas, don’t display nicely on the preview.

I think I spend about 90% of my time on Composer in the Tree, clicking between components and making simple changes. This portion of the Composer is just a small corner. I would love to be able to toggle the preview UI display, leaving more room for the logic, Tree, and Style settings. I also do not need to always have the components displayed on the left hand side, because that is a relatively small portion of time when building the app, mostly it is set on styling and linking together data.

Would love to hear some thoughts on this, but also some feedback from the AppGyver team too.


Thanks for the feedback @David_Juliano, I’ll put it forward to our design team.


I agree totally. Preview is just a waste of screen space for me. I only need it if trying to duplicate a component. This isn´t easy lol

Below is a typical one of my screens. It compiles and displays perfectly everywhere.