Composit data management in screens

I have two screens for Sales order, first “SalesOrder” for header info where I am dealing with the order date, customer, etc. and “SalesOrderLine” where I have Product, Quantity, Price, Amount as Composit entity.

When I click on the “Add Order Items” I open the “SalesOrderLine” page and sending SalesOrderNew dara variable.

How Can I use this variable in the SalesOrderLine page as I do not find any option. I created a parameter with the same name but doesn’t work.

I think you need to destructure the data to specific key, value pairs for it be passed through page parameters. Or JSON stringify it…

Thanks but I might need a deeper knowledge about that! any sample of code snippets may help.

just set parameters like



Did you figure it out yet @Mortoza_Khan?

Would you have time to share a sample app with composite Entities e.g sales order?