[Composite Components] Is there a way to bind a data adapter to an app global variable?

Is there a way to bind a data adapter of a composite component to sth else then a globally defined data source ? For instance, to an app global variable?
The main concern that I have with regard to the current status quo is that I have not found a way to pass headers or URL parameters to a data source (REST or ODATA) that is being bound to composite component data adapter. There are of course search, order or paging attributes that can be applied on the retrieved data set (after the data was fetched via a data source), however, especially with ODATA data sources there may be numerous query criteria to be applied and these have to be hardcoded in the data source definition itself. However, that’s not very flexible. I’d be curious to hear from the AG team (@Mevi) on how this could be done? cheers; Piotr

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Hi @Piotr_Tesny, thanks for the message. The adapter configuration screen should display any non-static headers and URL parameters configured for the resource on the “Properties” tab so that they can be used internally in the component, so this is a bug. We’ll fix it as soon as possible.

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Hi @Mari, thanks a lot!

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Hi @Mari, would you have an ETA on when this is going to be fixed ? kind regards; Piotr

@Piotr_Tesny hi, I unfortunately don’t have a strict timeline, but the fix is on the team’s agenda for this week. When the fix has been made, it will be included in the next platform release.

Thx @Mari; Indeed I wanted to make sure that this fix is targeted to be included in the next platform release. (The current platform release 4.3.3 does not have the fix yet); many thanks

@Mari , would you have an update on the fix ? kind regards; Piotr

Hello @Mari, @Kirill_Leventcov , any news that this is being looked into ? kind regards; Piotr