Composite Composer Private Variables don't seem to be working

I’ve had a play with the composite composer, testing on iPhone7 and iPad7 and I cannot get the Private Variable to work. The logic seems very straight forward and I have followed the ‘Creating a Counter Component’ exactly to the letter, yet the Paragraph displays as blank - ie the variable is not displayed. It works if I use any variable outside of the component, just not the Private Variable.

Anyone else tried this yet and had success?



There was an issue with private variables in composite components after the release of our new runtime. We’ve fixed a lot of issues with it, are you still experiencing this problem?

Yes - it works now on preview in iOS but still having crashes in Android preview. I’ll keep trying.

Btw - thank you to all at AppGyver, you guys are doing an amazing job with this.

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Hi Cecilia, I still have this issue. do you have any recommendations?


Other users have reported issues in using private variables in repeating components, is this your case also?

In any case, there still seems to be some problems with private variables and we’re looking into the bugs. Sorry for the inconvenience :disappointed:

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Yes. Is there a workaround?

First - make sure you’ve updated your AppGyver preview app to the latest version.

Thank you for the recommendation. How do I confirm that? I have the latest version of the iOS and macOS apps and I don’t see a version configuration on the web previewer either.

Sounds like you’re up to date. I found that number type variables didn’t display unless a calculation was used - eg. NumberVariable didn’t display, but NumberVariable+0 did.